3 Online Business Tips To Get Started Affiliate Marketing

Have you tried starting your own affiliate marketing business, but have been left shaking your head? It’s not your fault, most people have no idea who to follow online or get started. You need a few very simple tips to get started online.Tip1-Keyword Research-Learn To Target ProblemsBelieve it or not, this is where you start your online business. Conducting proper evaluation and keyword research for your niche is important. Without it, how do you know which keywords to target, the questions your niche is asking and the most important their pressing problems. Here are some guidelines I use when conducting keyword research.1. Your main website and niche keyword must have at least 30,000 global monthly searches. Why, because if your niche is too small you max out the number of new customers you can get. Also a smaller number of products will be available to recommend.2. Search Forums for a list of questions your niche is asking and the problems they are having. By creating an FAQ on your site and targeting niches problems will position your website as an authority in your niche. Also, check to make sure your keywords have paid advertising. Can indicate a profitable niche, that is spending money.3. Lastly, find 25 keywords relate to your niche market, that have between 30,000 and 1,000 global monthly searches. Less than that can be a waste of time, as keyword tools are not always accurate. One last point, make sure to check the competition-put your keyword in quotes. Less competition is not always a good thing. More competition can signal more buyers.Tip2-Set Up Your WordPress Review Site & OfferNow that your keyword research is done, you’re ready to set up your first website. This can be a landing page, or review site. Whatever you choose, make sure you install WordPress on your domain. So, you now have your top 10 keywords, a new WordPress site and now you need an offer to promote. Look at ClickBank, CJ, Linkshare, Pepperjam and even direct merchants like Amazon can be great places to find relevant products. Look for something that helps your niche with their problems. Example: in the Acne niche people are not looking for an ebook, they want a cream to stop the red itchy skin irritations. Offer them an affiliate offer for an Acne cream and your online business will take off.Tip 3-Traffic and Building A ListThe last tip is getting traffic and how to build an effective list of qualified buyers. Getting traffic can make or break your new online business. Without people, your online business will fail. So you need to have a combination of free and paid website traffic.Why? Because you can’t always be at your computer 24hours a day and 7 days a week. Also if you’re thinking SEO and page 1, what if Google makes a shift and you’re gone. The best way to start your online business is to have free and paid website traffic. Plus you can test new niches faster. Always build a list, as you need to have people at your finger tips. Keeping them happy is another story.Now your well on your way to building a new affiliate marketing business. Take the time to learn and setup your new business correctly and you will quickly outperform the competition. Here is to your new affiliate marketing business.